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GSE104055: Transcriptomic Profiling of Mice with Klf5 Deletion in Context of Oncogenic Kras Expression

Bulk RNA sequencing

This study used Illumina RNA-sequencing to examine transcriptomic profile of mice with Klf5 knockout in context of oncogenic Kras expression. The study analyzed total RNA extracted from pancreas of mice 2 days after cerulein-induce pancreatitis. In addition, this study include 2 biological replicate of mice with each of the following genotypes: Ptf1aCreERTM, Ptf1aCreERTM;Klf5fl/fl, Ptf1aCerERTM;LSL-KrasG12D, and Ptf1aCreERTM;LSL-KrasG12D;Klf5fl/fl. SOURCE: Agnieszka,B.,Bialkowska ( - GI Translational Research Lab Stony Brook University

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