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GSE106368: Cooperation of GRSF1 and the mitochondrial degradosome (hSuv3-PNPase complex) in degradation of mitochondrial RNA

Bulk RNA sequencing

Vertebrate mitochondrial genomes show extraordinary GC skew which results in the synthesis of RNAs prone to form G-quadruplexes (G4). Such RNAs, although mostly non-coding, are transcribed at high rate and swiftly degraded by an unknown mechanism. Comprehensive proteomic and transcriptomic approaches revealed that quasi-RRM protein GRSF1 together with the mitochondrial degradosome composed of RNA helicase hSuv3 and PNPase control the levels of G4 containing RNAs in mitochondria. When this machinery is inactivated non-coding mtRNAs are upregulated and novel, previously undescribed transcript, which we named tRNA-like, strongly accumulates. In vitro reconstitution experiments showed that GRSF is responsible for G4 RNA melting essential for degradosome-mediated decay. SOURCE: Tomasz,M.,Kulinski ( - Andrzej Dziembowski Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics Polish Academy of Sciences

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