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GSE141143: RNA-Seq for a differential gene expression bewteen KLHL14 wild-type(+/+) and KLHL14 knockout(-/-) TMD8 ABC-DLBCL cell line upon treatment with a BTK inhibitor, ibrutinib

Bulk RNA sequencing

The goal of this study is to examine gene expression changes in TMD8 KLHL14(+/+) or TMD8 KLHL14(-/-) cells during ibrutinib treatment. The samples have 35 to 63 million pass filter reads with more than 92% of bases above the quality score of Q30.The average mapping rate of all samples is 95%. Unique alignment is above 86%. There are 3.65 to 6.25% unmapped reads.The mapping statistics are calculated using Picard software. The samples have between 0.86-1.29% ribosomal bases. Percent coding bases are between 58-62%. Percent UTR bases are 27-31%, and mRNA bases are between 87-90% for all the samples. We show that TMD8 KLHL14(-/-) cells have less down-regulation of NF-kB signatures and IL10/JAK1/STAT3 signatures upon ibrutinib treatment when compared to TMD8 KLHL14(+/+) cells. SOURCE: David Huang National Cancer Institute

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