Pluto Bioinformatics

GSE54973: Comprehensive mouse alpha and beta cell transcriptomes

Bulk RNA sequencing

Rodent models are widely used to study diabetes. Yet, significant gaps remain in our understanding of mouse islet physiology that reduce their accuracy as a model for human islet disease. We generated comprehensive transcriptomes of mouse beta and alpha cells using a novel bitransgenic mouse model generated for this purpose. This enables systematic comparison across thousands of genes between the two major endocrine cell types of the islets of Langerhans whose principal hormones are of cardinal importance for glucose homeostasis. Our data leveraged against similar data for human beta cells reveal a core common beta cell transcriptome of 9900+ genes and marked differences in the repertoire of receptors and long non-coding RNAs between mouse and human beta cells. The comprehensive comparison of the (dis)similarities between mouse and human beta cells represents an invaluable resource to boost the effectiveness by which rodent models offer guidance in finding cures for human diabetes. SOURCE: Mark,O.,Huising ( - Huising lab The Salk Institute

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