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GSE63392: RNA-Seq of cKIT+ sorted cells from 53-137 day old fetal testes and ovaries and RNA-Seq of TRA-1-81+ H1 and UCLA1 hESCs.

Bulk RNA sequencing

We performed RNA-Seq analyses on 15 human fetal samples at 53-137 days of development, 9 female and 5 male, and identified the transcriptional changes during the transition of human cKIT+ primordial germ cells (PGCs), the precursors of gametes, to the generation of Advanced Germline Cells. Comparing the transcriptional profile of PGCs to that of H1 and UCLA1 hESCs identifies differences between the two cell types and pinpoints molecules that can be used in the development of in vitro germ cell differentiation protocols starting from human pluripotent stem cells. SOURCE: Sofia Gkountela ( - Amander Clark UCLA

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