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GSE157439: RNA sequencing of wild type and FXR KO CD8+T cells in fed/fasted LCMV-infected mice

Bulk RNA sequencing

Conditional ablation of FXR in T cells was achieved with CD4-Cre Nr1h4fl/fl mice. Twenty thousend congenically marked naive (CD44- CD62L+) WT and FXR KO T cells carrying the OT-I transgenic TCR were cotransferred into lymphoreplete hosts. Recipients were challenged with LCMV-OVA and allowed to feed Ad libitum (AL) or fasted (Fs) for 24h beginning at 6pm on D5 post-infection. Splenic CD44+ effector cells of each genotype were FACS-purified (double-sorted) at the end of the starvation period. SOURCE: Yuri Pritykin Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

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