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GSE151071: Control of gene expression mRNAN6-methyladenosine in pro-B cells

Bulk RNA sequencing

N6-methyladenosine (m6A) is the most abundant internal modification in eukaryotic messenger RNA (mRNA). In mice, loss of METTL14, the key m6A writer component, severely blocks B cell development. In this group of RNA sequencing data, we 1. conducted RNA-seq on WT and METTL14 KO pro-B cells (sample 1-10); 2. performed m6A-seq in WT pro-B cells (sample 11-14) and 3. conducted YTHDF2 RIP -seq in WT pro-B cells (sample 15-18). Our data supported that m6A repressed a group of genes in pro-B cells via its reader YTHDF2. SOURCE: Chuan He ( - University of Chicago

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