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GSE141158: Transcriptome profiling of cytoplasmic fraction of nave CD8 T cells from Nxf1 mutant and control mice [Lymphocytes]

Bulk RNA sequencing

Purpose: Nxf1 is thought to be an essential nuclear exporter of messenger RNA (mRNA) in eukaryotic cells. Whether perturbations in the Nxf1 pathway affect mammalian physiology is not known. The aim of this study is to determine the impact of a Nxf1 mutation in the representation of mRNA transcripts in the cytoplasm of nave CD8 T cells.; Methods: For Nave CD8 T cell isolation, splenocyte suspensions were submitted to red blood cell lysis, stained first with biotinylated CD8 antibodies and then labelled with anti-Biotin microbeads. CD8+ T cells were magnetically enriched by positive selection on MACS separation columns, stained with fluorescently-labelled antibodies before being FACS-sorted as CD8+ CD44low CD62L+. Sorted Nave T cells were fractionated with Norgen cytoplasmic and nuclear fractionation RNA purification kit. Only cytoplasmic fractions were used for subsequent RNAseq. SOURCE: Matthew Ritchie ( - The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research

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