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GSE145372: Whole transcriptome sequencing in human cervical adenocarcinoma and normal cervical tissues

Bulk RNA sequencing

mRNA, lncRNA, and miRNA signatures were identified to discriminate cervical adenocarcinoma from normal cervix by whole transcriptome sequencing. We confirmed the RNA-seq data in another cohort of clinical cervical tissue samples by qRT-PCR.We demonstrated that miR-192-5p/HNF1A-AS1/VIL1 panel could accurately discriminates adenocarcinoma from normal cervix. Moreover,we also identified the circRNA expression profiles in cervical adenocarcinoma tissues and explored the function roles and mechanisms of circular RNA circEYA1 and circSPIDR in cervical adenocarcinoma cells. SOURCE: Junfen Xu ( - Women’s Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine

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