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GSE154451: Methylation and gene expression data obtained from Dnmt3b+/+, Dnmt3bD/D and Dnmt3bCI/CI MYC induced T-cell lymphomas (MTCLs).

Bulk RNA sequencing

DNA methylation has suppressive effects on gene transcription and it is involved in a variety of physiologic processes, including development and cancer. As we and others demonstrated, Dnmt3b is a tumor suppressor in oncogene-driven lymphoid and myeloid malignancies in mice. Due to numerous activities such as methylation-dependent and independent repression and accessory functions, it is difficult to pinpoint physiological processes solely dependent on catalytic activity of Dnmt3b. By utilizing our new mouse model expressing catalytically inactive Dnmt3b at physiological levels we identified genome-wide methylation changes and aberrant gene expression profiles that are specific to catalytic activity of DNMT3b. SOURCE: Rene Opavsky ( - University of FLORIDA

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