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GSE114791: Kinome profiling of Non-Hodgkins lymphoma reveals Tyro3 is important in primary effusion lymphoma survival

Bulk RNA sequencing

Non-Hodgkins lymphomas (NHL) make up the majority of lymphoma diagnoses and represent a very diverse set of malignancies. We sought to identify kinases uniquely upregulated in different NHL subtypes. Using Multiplexed Inhibitor Bead-mass spectrometry (MIB/MS), we found Tyro3 was uniquely upregulated and important for cell survival in primary effusion lymphoma (PEL). We developed an inhibitor against Tyro3 named UNC3810A, which inhibited cell growth in PEL but not in other NHL subtypes. UNC3810A also significantly inhibited tumor progression in a PEL xenograft mouse model compared to the vehicle treated animals. Our data suggests Tyro3 may be a therapeutic target for PEL. SOURCE: Jason,Paul,Wong ( - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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