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GSE103885: Gene expression profiling of mouse liver with hepatocyte-specific knockout of STAT5a/STAT5b genes (STAT5ab-KO)

Bulk RNA sequencing

rRNA-depleted RNA isolated from livers of control male and female mice and from male mice with hepatocyte-specific STAT5ab-KO was analyzed by RNA-seq. This study revealed a substantial, albeit incomplete loss of liver sex bias in hepatocyte-specific STAT5a/STAT5b (collectively, STAT5)-deficient mouse liver. Notably, in male liver, many male-biased genes were down regulated in direct association with the loss of STAT5 binding; many female-biased genes, which show low STAT5 binding, were de-repressed, indicating an indirect mechanism for repression by STAT5. SOURCE: David,J.,Waxman ( - Boston University

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