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GSE150996: Neutrophil gene expression in adult-onset Still's disease

Bulk RNA sequencing

Adult-onset Stills disease (AOSD) is a rare autoinflammatory disease, characterized by fever, rash, arthritis and other systemic inflammatory manifestations like hepatosplenomegaly and serositis. Neutrophil activation is the hallmark of AOSD. Here we aimed to identify candidate biomarker and to validate its association with clinical manifestations in AOSD. Transcriptome analysis of neutrophils from treatment-nave active AOSD patients and healthy donors was performed. Using cut-offs of >2.0 fold change with p<0.05, we identified 864 DEGs in neutrophils from patients with active AOSD compared to healthy donors, including 442 and 422 upregulated and downregulated genes in active AOSD, respectively. By gene ontology (GO) analysis, we identified several strongly enriched terms of biological process. The most significantly indicated GO term was neutrophil degranulation. SOURCE: Jinchao Jia ( - New Markers for Adult-Onset Still's Disease

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