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Next generation sequencing of distal colon glial cells with DNBS-induced inflammation and neurokinin-2 receptor antagonism utilizing RiboTag mice (GSE114780)

Bulk RNA sequencing

Purpose: We have the first-reported set of glial-specific transcripts utilizing the Ribotag model. We use this model to explore glial changes in DNBS-induced inflammation and neurokinin-2 receptor (NK2R) antagonism. Actively translated mRNA profiles of the distal colon myeneteric plexi of Rpl22(+/-)Sox10(+/-) male and female mice 8-10 weeks old were obtained utilizing the HA-tagged ribosomal immunoprecipitation and downstream RNA extraction. Samples meeting RNA quality standards by 18S and 28S rRNA peaks by 2100 Bioanalyzer and RNA 6000 Nano LabChip Kit (Agilent) were deep sequenced with the Illumina HiSeq 4000. We mapped approximately 30-50 millions reads per sample to the mouse genome (v88) and identified approximately 100K ribosome-associated transcripts, with Tuxedo workflow, in distal colon glial cells with DNBS-induced inflammation and NK2R antagonism and their respective controls. Of these transcripts, changes in biological processes associated with inflammation and other important enteric nervous system communications between samples have been identified. Our study demonstrates the first use of the Ribotag model to provide glial cell-specific actively-translated mRNA changes in DNBS-induced inflammation with and without functional NK2R signalling. SOURCE: Brian,David,Gulbransen ( - Gulbransen Michigan State University

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