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GSE132688: Unique microglia expression profile in developing white matter.

Bulk RNA sequencing

Recently we demonstrated that amoeboid microglia in white matter regions are essential for proper oligodendrocyte homeostasis and myelinogenesis in the first postnatal week of mice. Amoeboid microglia in the corpus callosum change their activation profile already within few days after postnatal day (P)7 and microglia of the cerebellum show similar features to callosal microglia. Here we expanded our previous transcriptional analysis and performed bulk RNA sequencing of microglia during development in a detailed way in P7, P10 and P42 microglia from corpus callosum, cortex and cerebellum. The goal of this study was to identify a specific gene profile for both, white matter and grey matter microglia during development. SOURCE: Ori Staszewski ( - University Medical Center Freiburg

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