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GSE113151: LH3 overexpression reverses profound alterations of gene transcriptional profile in cerebral vessels in hypertension-induced spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhage

Bulk RNA sequencing

To gain mechanistic insights into the protection effects of lysyl hydroxylase (LH3) on reducing the susceptibility to intracerebral hemorrhage(ICH), a whole transcriptomic analysis of cerebral vessels were performed using RNA-seq. It is noteworthy that our preliminary data demonstrated that mice did not developed ICH until day 7 after AngII plus L-NAME infusion, cerebral vessels for RNA-seq were acquired at day 5 in order to provide the mechanistic or causal evidence of a direct participatory role of LH3 to the protection effects of ICH. A total of 1765 genes (864 upregulated and 901 down regulated) were differentially expressed (FDR<0.05) in AAV-GFP group after hypertension induced by AngII and L-NAME compared with vehicle group. After AAV-LH3 treatment, 1747 genes (831 downregulated and 916 upregulated) were differentially expressed compared with AAV-GFP group. Importantly, among the 1763 genes differentially expressed in AAV-GFP group, 1108 genes (62.8%) were significantly reversed by overexpression of LH3. SOURCE: li Michael ( - Basepedia

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