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GSE143190: Selective retrieval of individual cells from microfluidic arrays combining dielectrophoretic force and directed hydrodynamic flow

Bulk RNA sequencing

Hydrodynamic-based microfluidic platforms enable single-cell arraying and analysis over time. Despite the advantages of established microfluidic systems, long term analysis and proliferation of cells selected in such devices require off-chip recovery of cells as well as an investigation of on-chip analysis on cell phenotype; requirements still largely unmet. Here, we introduce a device for single-cell isolation, selective retrieval and off-chip recovery. To this end, singularly addressable three-dimensional electrodes are embedded within a microfluidic channel, allowing, through application of a negative dielectrophoretic (DEP) force, the selective release of single cells from their trapping site. Selective capture and release is carried out in standard culture medium and cells can be subsequently single cell mitigated towards a recovery well using hybrid SU-8/PDMS pneumatic valves. Importantly, transcriptional analysis of recovered cells revealed only marginal alteration of the molecular profile upon DEP application, underscored by equivocal minor transcriptional changes induced upon injection into the microfluidics device. Therefore, the established microfluidic system combining targeted DEP manipulation with down-stream hydrodynamic coordination of single cells, provides the means to handle and manipulate individual cells within one device. SOURCE: Joern Pezoldt ( - Laboratory Systems Biology and Genetics EPFL

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