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GSE157359: Cell type-specific oxidative stress genomic signatures in the globus pallidus of dopamine depleted mice

Bulk RNA sequencing

We developed a new viral affinity purification strategy, Cre-Specific Nuclear Anchored Independent Labeling (cSNAIL), to isolate Cre recombinase-expressing (Cre+) nuclei from the adult mouse brain. cSNAIL is an AAV that delivers a modified version of the nuclear-anchored protein tag developed for INTACT nuclei isolation (Deal & Henikoff, Dev Cell. 2010. 18:1030-1040; Mo et al., Neuron. 2015. 86(6):1369-1384). Applying cSNAIL technology in Pvalb-2A-Cre mice, we performed targeted assessment of the cell type-specific transcriptomic and epigenetic effects of dopamine depletion on parvalbumin-expressing (PV+) neurons and PV- nuclei. We recovered signatures of oxidative stress response involving Hif2a signaling that was specific to external globus pallidus (GPe) PV+ neurons, a consequence of dopamine depletion that may have theraputic implications for Parkinson's disease. SOURCE: Alyssa,J,Lawler ( - Andreas Pfenning Carnegie Mellon University

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