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GSE154449: RNA-seq analysis of PRMT5 targeted genes in Tu686 cells

Bulk RNA sequencing

RNA-seq was performed to identify transcriptional targets of PRMT5 in Tu686 cells treated with shPRMT5 or shNC.PRMT5 was abnormally upregulated in high-grade laryngeal carcinoma tissues. The expression of PRMT5 was positively correlated with tumor stages, lymphatic metastasis and poor outcome.. Western blotting and immunofluorescence analyses observed that PRMT5 expression significantly downregulation of E-cadherin and upregulationg of N-cadherin, Snail and MMP9 in laryngeal carcinoma cells. All these changes were further confirmed by RNA-seq analysis of biological process and cellular component. SOURCE: Nan Wang ( - Jiaying University

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