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GSE152032: Ablation of S1PR4 triggers CD8+ T cell expansion to reduce tumor growth and improve therapy

Bulk RNA sequencing

We studied the role of S1PR4 on tumor progression using the PyMT mammary carcinoma mouse model and the AOM/DSS model for colitis-associated cancer. To gain insights of the underlying mechanism how S1PR4 ablation resulted in enhanced intratumoral CD8+ T cell abundance, we performed whole transcriptome profiling of total WT and S1PR4 KO colons subjected to the AOM/DSS model (day 84) as well as FACS-sorted CD8+ T cells from WT and S1PR4 KO tumors of PyMT mice. Next-generation mRNA sequencing, in triplicates, on a NextSeq 500 (PyMT CD8+ T cells) or a HiSeq 2000 (AOM/DSS model) high-throughput sequencer was used. SOURCE: Andreas Weigert ( - Institute of Biochemistry I Goethe-University

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