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GSE151029: Comparative transcriptomic analysis of WT, FOXK1/2 KO, DKO cells and FOXK1 KO cells with reconstitution of several FOXK1 mutants

Bulk RNA sequencing

The goal of this study was to apply Next Generation Sequencing analyses to identify genes and pathways regulated by the FOXK1 and FOXK2 transcription factor in HeLa cells and to see whether reconstitution of FOXK1 WT and mutants can rescue the altered gene regulation in FOXK1 KO cells. Gene Ontology (GO) analysis did not uncover any dysregulated DNA damagerelated pathways upon FOXKs KO. We found that cells reconstituted with any of the three FOXK1 mutants could largely rescue dysregulated gene expression in FOXK1 KO cells, similar to cells reconstituted with WT FOXK1. These suggesting that FOXK1's role in DNA damage response is not by direct transcriptional regulation of DNA damage related pathways and all the three FOXK1 mutants could not affect transcription. SOURCE: Guangsheng Pei ( - UTHealth

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