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GSE150835: Next Generation Sequencing Facilitates Quantitative Analysis of Wild Type (WT) and E4BP4 Overexpressed Liver Transcriptomes

Bulk RNA sequencing

Purpose: Next-generation sequencing (NGS) has revolutionized systems-based analysis of cellular pathways. The goals of this study are to evaluate the effects of liver-specific E4BP4 overexpression under mouse albumin promoter on the liver glucose and lipid metabolism.; Methods: We generated transgenic mice (TG) with liver-specific E4BP4 overexpression. Livers were isolated at Zeitgeber Time (ZT) 2 or 14 from transgenic mice and WT littermates and total RNA was extracted. Liver RNA profiles were generated by deep sequencing for four groups with three mouse samples each.; Results: Compared with the livers from the WT mice, those from Transgenic mice featured 290 differentially expressed genes (DEGs) (106 at ZT2, 134 at ZT14, and 14 at both times).; Conclusions: Lipid metabolism might be altered in the transgenic liver. SOURCE: Yasuharu Ohta ( - Yamaguchi University Scool of Medicine

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