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GSE99765: Genomic plasticity in the hippocampus

Bulk RNA sequencing

We examined the effects of technial and behavioral manipulation on gene expression of in the CA1, CA3, and DG subfields of the hippocampus. We then compared the consequences on technical manipulation to the consequences of biological manipulations that vary a physical parameter such as the absence or presence of stress-inducing foot-shock or vary a cognitive variable such as knowing whether or not the foot-shock can be avoided. We also compared our primary results to a published data base of cell type-specific hippocampus gene expression to verify the patterns of gene expression that we identified. Knowing how technical perturbations influence the ability to detect the molecular signature of differences in neural and behavioral variables is an important step in calibrating our ability to understand hippocampal function. In addition to understanding the impact of cell disassociation on hippocampus gene expression, the present findings allow us to know the extent to which gene expression profiles of heterogeneous tissue samples compared with single neuron gene expression profiles. SOURCE: Rayna,Michelle,HarrisHan Hofmann The University of Texas at Austin

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