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GSE157292: Single-cell transcriptomics of mouse kidney transplants reveals a potentially novel myeloid cell pathway for transplant rejection

Bulk RNA sequencing

We used a murine kidney transplantation model and single-cell transcriptomics to dissect the contribution of myeloid cell subsets and their potential signaling pathways to kidney transplant rejection. Using a variety of bioinformatic techniques including machine learning, we demonstrated that kidney allograft-infiltrating myeloid cells followed a trajectory of differentiating from monocytes to pro-inflammatory macrophages, and exhibited distinct interactions with kidney allograft parenchymal cells. While this process correlated with a unique pattern of myeloid cell transcripts, a top gene identified was Axl, a member of the receptor tyrosine kinase familyTAM(Tyro3/Axl/Mertk). SOURCE: Xunrong Luo ( - Rm 2019 Duke University

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