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GSE145229: Sex differences in neutrophil biology modulate response to type I Interferons and immunometabolism (bulkRNA-seq)

Bulk RNA sequencing

Differences in female and male immunity may contribute to variations in response to infections and predisposition to autoimmunity. The characterization of the mechanisms that drive differential neutrophil phenotypes between genders has been investigated. This provides new insights that distinct sex difference in neutrophil biology related to responses to type I IFNs, immunometabolism and maturation status that may have prominent functional and pathogenic implications. The transcriptome of neutrophils from healthy adult males and females was characterized using bulk RNASeq. The transcriptome of whole blood leukocytes was elucidated using scRNASeq. SOURCE: Mariana,J.,KaplanLupus Clinical Trials Unit NIH/NIAMS

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