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GSE102086: Single Cell and Open Chromatin Analysis Reveals Molecular Origin of Epidermal Cells of the Skin

Bulk RNA sequencing

Skin and its appendages such as hair follicle and sweat gland are formed by Keratin-5 expressing (Krt5+) epidermal cells that are specified from primitive, Keratin-8 expressing (Krt8+) ectodermal progenitors shortly after gastrulation. Here we show that transcription factor Np63 is required for converting Krt8+ ectodermal progenitors to Krt5+ epidermal progenitors and priming the underlying dermal cells to form dermal condensate by activating the Wnt/-Catenin pathway. These findings unearth the molecular cascades during the fate specification of epidermal cells, illuminate the essential role of Np63 in initiating the Wnt signaling in the epidermis and programming the underlying dermal cells and provide new possibilities to harness the intrinsic developmental program for generating the skin and its appendages. SOURCE: Xiying Fan ( - University of Colorado Boulder

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