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GSE140892: Innate immune function of galectin-1 as a DAMP

Bulk RNA sequencing

Galectin-1 is a prototype member of the galectin family of b-galactoside-binding proteins with several immunoregulatory activities (Sundblad et al., 2017). Although this lectin exerts extracellular activities by cross-linking cell surface glycoconjugates, the mechanisms and molecular machinery involved in its secretion are uncertain as it lacks the classical signal sequence required for ER-Golgi release (Camby, 2006; Croci et al., 2014). To assess the global impact of galectin-1 on LPS-induced transcriptomic response, we performed RNAseq analysis of total RNAs from the spleen and the lungs of wild-type and Lgals1-/- mice injected with LPS. SOURCE: Vijay,A.K.,Rathinam UConn Health School of Medicine

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