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GSE157280: Spatiotemporal single-cell profiling of gastrointestinal GVHD reveals invasive and tissue-resident memory T cell states

Bulk RNA sequencing

One of the major barriers to understanding the control of T cell infiltration into target tissues has been the inherent difficulty in capturing the key variable of time in this process. Time is a critical variable, given that T cells are actively homing towards and infiltrating into target organs, and are concordantly evolving a highly pathogenic transcriptional program. Without understanding the time-dependency of T cell infiltration, we cannot fully comprehend key drivers and their dynamics. Here, we have been able to deconvolute time as a variable during T cell infiltration and tissue destruction during primate aGVHD by applying Serial Intravascular Staining (SIVS) and pairing this with multiparameter flow cytotmetric and single-cell transcriptomic analysis. We also demonstrate significant overlap between NHP transcriptional signatures and those found in patients with active aGVHD, underscoring the clinical relevance of these findings. SOURCE: James,John,Kaminski ( - Kean/Shalek Boston Children's Hospital

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