Pluto Bioinformatics

GSE143605: Gene expression profiles of irradiated WT and CREPT deleted intestinal epithelium

Bulk RNA sequencing

Intestinal stem cells (ISCs) residing in the crypts are critical for the continual self-renewal and rapid recovery of intestinal epithelium. The regulatory mechanism of ISCs is not fully understood. Here we report that CREPT, a recently identified tumor-promoting gene, is preferably expressed in the crypts, where the ISCs reside, but not in the villi. The Lgr5+ ISCs have much higher CREPT protein level than Lgr5- cells. To explore the function of CREPTduring regeneration, we isolated irradiated WT and CREPT deleted intestines (Vil-CREPTKO) to perform Next generation sequencing. SOURCE: Liu Yang ( - Tsinghua University

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