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GSE53386: Single-cell RNA-Seq transcriptome analysis of circular RNAs in mouse embryos

Bulk RNA sequencing

We reported a new method of single-cell universal poly(A)-independent RNA sequencing (SUPeR-seq) to obtain single cell whole transcriptome analysis that covers both poly(A) plus and poly(A) minus RNA species. We built libraries of single mouse ESC , 10pg, 100pg and 1ng diluted mouse ES total RNA, single HEK293T cell and mouse early embryos before 4-cell stage. We analyzed these data using bioinformatics and find a good coverage of non-polyadenylated RNAs, circular RNA for example. to make a comparison,we also used mouse ES cells and HEK293T cells to build libraries using the protocol publish by F.Tang in 2009(sample name Tang2009_*). We also de novo assembled new genes in mouse ESCs and early embryo samples, further validated known and novel zygotic genes with a-Aminatine treated 2-cell embryos(sample name SUPeR-seq_a-AM_treated_2-cell*). SOURCE: Xiaoying Fan ( - Biodynamic Optical Imaging Center Peking University

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