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GSE154108: Gcn5 transcriptional activation of Myc-induced genes promotes B-cell lymphomagenesis

Bulk RNA sequencing

Purpose: In this study we sought to elucidate whether Gcn5 cooperates with Myc to induce the formation of lymphoma using an in vivo model, the E-Myc mouse. In order to define the molecular mechanisms for how Gcn5 contributes to lymphoma development upon overexpression of Myc, we performed RNA-seq analyses on total RNA isolated from CD19+ B cells sorted from spleens of 5-6-week-old wild-type, E-Myc, and E-Myc; Gcn5Fx/Fx mice.; Conclusions: Loss of Gcn5 not only ameliorates dysregulation of the cell cycle caused by Myc overexpression, but also affects Myc-induced pathways related to cancer cell growth. SOURCE: Sharon,Roth,Dent ( - Univ Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

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