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GSE149523: Study of transcriptional changes in MCM7-depleted and G1/S-arrested A549 and A375 cells

Bulk RNA sequencing

We tested if the changes in cell invasion and migration observed after MCM7 depletion manifested in an altered gene expression profile. For this purpose, we performed RNAseq analysis after MCM7 knock-down in A549 and A375 cells expressing a Dox-inducible shMCM7. As controls, we used shMCM7 cells that had not been induced with Dox, as well as the parental A549 and A375 cell lines grown in the presence or absence of Dox. To exclude possible effects caused by changes in cell cycle progression, all RNA samples were extracted from double thymidine synchronized cell populations, in which >98% cells were arrested at the G1/S phase boundary. SOURCE: giancarlo russo ( - ETH/University of Zurich

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