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GSE108862: Next Generation Sequencing Analysis of Human Glioblastoma Transcriptomes And Quantitative Analysis of PDGFRA Positive/Negative Human Glioma Cells Transcriptomes

Bulk RNA sequencing

We report the high-throughput profiling of thirteen human glioblastoma and four pairs of panned(pdgfra+) and supernatant(pdgfra-) human glioma cells. The subtypes and the different expression genes(DEGs) was identified integrated genomic analysis:single sample GSEA and DESeq.We obtained the enrichment gene pathway by using Gene Ontology Enrichment analysis-Functional classification viewed in pie chart.We find that the features of Proneural were enriched generaly when comparing the four pairs of the panned(pdgfra+) and supernatant(pdgfra-) human glioma cells. SOURCE: Chong Liu ( - Medical College of Zhejiang University

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