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GSE119402: DUX4-induced histone variants H3.X and H3.Y mark DUX4 target genes for expression (RNA-seq)

Bulk RNA sequencing

We determined the effects of short pulses of DUX4 expression on genome-wide transcription, mimicking the embryonic expression of this gene, using a DUX4-inducible cell culture model of FSHD (MB135iDUX4). We found that a second pulse of DUX4 has a synergistic effect and shows greater induction of DUX4 targets. Knockdown of DUX4-induced histone variants H3.X and H3.Y has no effect on DUX4 targets with a single pulse of DUX4 but eliminates the superinduction seen with a second pulse, showing that these histones are required for this increase in expression. SOURCE: Stephen Tapscott ( - Tapscott Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center

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