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GSE142499: Viral-Induced Alternative Splicing of Host Genes Promotes Influenza Replication

Bulk RNA sequencing

Competition and interplay between host and viral gene expression programs is a critical determinant of infection susceptibility and a potential target for anti-viral therapies. Viral infection is well documented to induce the expression of numerous host genes that are part of the innate immune response. Here we show that infection of human lung epithelial cells with Influenza A virus (IAV) also induces a broad program of alternative splicing of host genes. While these splicing-regulated genes are not enriched for known regulators of viral infection, we find that many of these genes do modulate the infection and/or replication of IAV in an siRNA screen. Moreover, inhibition of the IAV-induced splicing pattern in several genes tested also reduces viral infection. We further show that approximately a quarter of the IAV-induced splicing events are regulated by hnRNP K, a host protein we have previously implicated in the nuclear speckle-dependent splicing of the IAV M transcript. Notably, hnRNP K abundance at nuclear speckles is increased upon IAV infection. We propose that this change in subnuclear localization may alter the accessibility of hnRNP K for host transcripts, thereby leading to a program of host splicing changes that promote IAV replication. SOURCE: Kristen Lynch ( - Kristen Lynch University of Pennsylvania

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