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GSE123658: Transimmunom whole blood RNA-seq data from type 1 diabetic patients and healthy volunteers

Bulk RNA sequencing

Patients affected by type 1 diabetes are recruited in the departments of Diabetology and Healthy Volunteers (HV) are selected based on internal records in the same hospital. Total RNA from whole blood has been extracted following a two-step procedure. First, RNA from blood collected on PAX-Gene tubes has been extracted using Maxwell 16 LEV simplyRNA blood kit (Promega) following manufacturer recommendations and second b-globin, dominant RNA from red blood cells, has been removed using the GLOBINclear kit (Ambion) on extracted RNA.RNA sequencing has been performed from using the TruSeq Stranded mRNA preparation kit (Illumina) on 500 ng b-globin depleted RNA with aRNA Integrity Number > 8 (measured on Bioanalyzer following manufacturer recommendations),and then sequenced following a pair-end 2x75 bp protocol on NextSeq 500 or HiSeq 4000 (Illumina) at LIGAN Equipex (Lille, France). SOURCE: Felipe,Leal,Valentim ( - i3-immuno INSERM/UPMC

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