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GSE149446: Shock waves induce an evolutionary conserved mechanism of spinal cord regeneration via Toll-like receptor 3

Bulk RNA sequencing

Shock wave therapy (SWT) is improving motor function and decreasing lesion size in wild-type but not Tlr3-/- mice via IL6 dependent differentiation of neuronal progenitor cells. Both SWT and TLR3 stimulation enhance neuronal sprouting and survival, even in human spinal cord cultures. We could also identify tlr3 as a crucial enhancer of spinal cord generation in zebrafish. In order to substantiate underlying mechanisms of the SWT for spinal cords, cultured human neurons (neuroblastoma cell line) were treated with SWT and gene expression profiling were performed by RNAseq. SOURCE: Can Gollmann-Tepeköylü ( - Cardiac Regeneration Research Medical University of Innsbruck

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