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GSE133555: RNA seq to compare gene expression profiles between Npm1 WT and Npm1 knockdown cells

Bulk RNA sequencing

Mouse KrasG12D/P53-/-(KP) lung tumor cells were transfected with pLKO.1-Tet on-shNpm1-3(N3), pLKO.1-Tet on-shNpm1-4(N4) or pLKO.1-Tet on-shNpm1-5 (N5) and then selected by using 2ug/ml puromycin, to establish the 3 stable cell lines. These 3 stable cell lines (N3, N4 or N5) were treated with 100ng/ml Doxycline and then the total RNA of the treated and untreated cells were harvested for RNA seq. SOURCE: Alireza Khodadadi-JamayranApplied Bioinformatics Laboratories (ABL) New York University, NYU Langone Medical Center

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