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GSE148650: Next Generation Sequencing Facilitates Quantitative Analysis of mock oligodendrocytes (Ols) and tdTomato+ and tdTomato- Ols Transcriptomes.

Bulk RNA sequencing

Purpose: Comparision transcriptomes of isolated tdTomato+ and tdTomato- OLs from the brains and spinal cords of infected mice at 30 dpi to those of OLs isolated from mock-infected central nervous system (CNS) samples by nextgen sequencing; Methods: Brains and spinal cords were harvested at day 30 p.i. and processed as described above. After Live/Dead staining and treatment with Fc block, OLs were identified using APC-anti-O4 (1:50; Miltenyi). RNA was extracted from sorted OLs using an RNeasy Micro Kit (Qiagen). RNA sequence analysis was performed at the University of Minnesota Genomics Center.; Results: We identified 158 and 115 genes, that showed a significant difference (p<0.05) when tdTomato+ and tdTomato- cells were compared to cells from mock-infected mice, respectively, with 61 mRNAs common to both tdTomato- and tdTomato+ cells SOURCE: Stanley Perlman ( - Perlman Lab University of Iowa

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