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GSE150806: Quantitative Analysis of different NK cell types Transcriptomes

Bulk RNA sequencing

We compared transcriptome of different types of NK cells including obtained from peripheral Blood (PB-NK), derived from human ES cell, H9-NK, derived from human iPSC (iPSC-NK), derived from CD34+ cells from umbilical cord blood (UCB-NK), NKcell line (NK92) and 3 cancer cell lines (K562, Raji and Jurkat). When comparing the similarity of the NK cells populations by the number of differentially expressed genes to iPSC NK cells, there were the fewest differentially expressed genes in the comparison with the UCB NK cells, followed by the PB-NK cells, followed by the H9 embryonic stem cell derived-NK cells and lastly by the NK92 cell line. SOURCE: Huang Zhu ( - Dr. Kaufman University of California-San Diego

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