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GSE101682: HDAC1 and HDAC2 regulates TGF-b during Endothelial-to-Hematopoietic Transition [RNA-Seq]

Bulk RNA sequencing

The first hematopoietic stem cells originate from hemogenic endothelium (HE), that trans-differentiate into the lumen to form hematopoietic clusters. The molecular mechanisms driving this transition are only poorly understood. Here, we present a complete and comprehensive study that shows the requirement for Transforming Growth Factor beta (Tgfbeta) signalling as the master regulator of triggering EHT from HE, including Runx1-/- HE. We employed RNA-Seq data on Hdac deficient HE, together with ChIP-Seq for HDAC1 and HDAC2 and on wild type HE that indicated its importance in EHT. We tested our findings extensively on HE derived from different sites/origin. In all instances we observed an increase in the frequency of EHT by decreasing Tgfbeta levels.; Poly(A) RNA-sequencing on control and Hdac1 or Hdac2 deficient HE cells SOURCE: Roshana,S,Thambyrajah ( - CRUK Manchester

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