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GSE138234: Gtf2i and Gtf2ird1 E13.5 whole brain ChIP-seq and RNA-seq

Bulk RNA sequencing

HetxHet breeding pairs for the Gtf2i/Gtf2ird1 double mutants and Gtf2ird1 were set up for timed breedings. E13.5 embyros of WT, HET, and HOM mutants (n=3 for each genotype and each cross), were used for RNA-seq. Similar breedings were done for ChIP-seq. The ChIP-seq WT controls were E13.5 embyros from WT FVB/ANTJ x FVB/ANTJ and compared to HOM Gtf2i/Gtf2ird1 double mutatns and HOM Gtf2ird1 single mutants. There were n=3 WT and n=3 hom Gtf2ird1 single mutants for Gtf2ird1 ChIP-seq. There were n=4 WT and n=4 hom Gtf2i/Gtf2ird1 double mutants for Gtf2i ChIP-seq. Each genotype had the sample matched input control along with ChIP sample. SOURCE: Joseph Dougherty ( - Dougherty Lab Washington University in St. Louis

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