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GSE147989: Single cell sequencing data of CD34+ AML stem/progenitor cells derived from AML patients before and after cusatuzumab treatment

Bulk RNA sequencing

Purpose: The goal of this study was compare the transcriptional profile of CD34+ AML stem/progenitors derived from newly diagnosed AML patients at diagnosis and after treatment with the anti-CD70 antibody cusatuzumab as a monotherapy on a single cell level. Methods: Barcoded cDNA from at least 977 CD34+ cells from patients C8 and C10 was prepared using the Chromium Single Cell 3 Library (v2 Chemistry) & Gel Bead Kit on a Chromium Controller according to the manufacturers recommendations (10XGenomics). The barcoded cDNA was further processed into scRNA-seq libraries and sequenced on a NovaSeq 6000 instrument using NovaSeq Control Software v1.6 (Illumina). Libraries were sequenced with 100 cycle S1 flow cell kits using the following paired-end configuration: 26 bp Read 1, 91 bp Read 2. Results/Conclusion: Cusatuzumab monotherapy triggers gene signatures related to myeloid differentiation and apoptosis in CD34+ AML stem/progenitor cells SOURCE: Carsten Riether University of Bern

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