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GSE156936: RNA-Seq analysis of E4FAD mouse brain cortex to evaluate the impact of omega-6 fatty acid docosapentaenoic acid on neuroinflammation

Bulk RNA sequencing

Purpose: In this study, we report on an effective anti-inflammatory lipid, linoleic acid (LA) metabolite docosapentaenoic acid (DPAn-6) treatment of aged humanized EFAD mice with advanced AD pathology. We also report the associations of neuroinflammatory and/or activated microglial markers with neurodegeneration in vivo.; Methods: DPAn-6 was administered to the E4FAD mice by oral gavage for three weeks, then brain tissue was collected for the study. Total RNA was qualified using an Agilent BioAnalyzerof High Sensitivity RNA ScreenTape for Eukaryotic RNA Analysis and 1 g was used for poly(A) mRNA selection and library construction with Illumina Platforms KAPA mRNA HyperPrep kit (KK8580 08098115702) according to the manufacturer's instructions (KR1352 v4.17).; Results: We found that DPAn-6 reduced mRNA expressions of inflammatory markers of Il1rl2, Il6ra, Il6st, Tnfrsf1b, Tnfsf10, Il10rb; microglial markers of Tmem119, CD68 and TREM2; and caspase markers of Casp2, Casp6 and Casp8. Further, DPAn-6 increased mRNA expressions of ADCYAP1, VGF, and neuronal pentraxin 2 in parallel, all of which were inversely correlated with inflammatory and microglial markers.; Conclusions: We first reportd that DPAn-6 modulated neuroinflammatory responses towards resolution and improvement of neurodegeneration in the late stages of AD models. SOURCE: Qiu-Lan Ma ( - University Of California Los Angeles

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