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GSE132245: Deep sequencing of an AML cell line, with and without p53, treated with vehicle control, BETi, MDM2i, or a drug combination

Bulk RNA sequencing

Gene expression changes were compared in human OCI-AML3 cells, with or without p53 knock down, that were treated with DMSO (vehicle control), the BET inhibitor CPI-203, the MDM2 inhibitor Nutlin-3a, or a combination of both drugs. compared.; Method: OCI-AML3 cells were transduced with either empty vector or vector expressing an shRA targeting p53. Cells were then treated for 24 hrs with either DMSO, CPI-203, Nutlin-3a or a combination of both drugs. PolyA mRNA was extracted, in triplicate, then sequenced with an Illumina NextSeq 500 sequencer. Sequence reads passing the quality control filters were aligned using Tophat2 and then analysed with Cufflinks.; ; Keywords: Expression profiling by high throughput sequencing SOURCE: Xue Lei ( - Peter Adams Lab SBP medical discovery institute

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