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GSE154369: Involvement of circulating factors in the transmission of paternal experiences through the germline

Bulk RNA sequencing

Using a mouse model of paternal exposure to traumatic stress, we identify circulating factors involving peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor (PPAR) pathways in the effects of exposure to the germline. Chronic injection of serum from trauma-exposed males into controls recapitulates metabolic phenotypes in the offspring. Pharmacological PPAR activation in vivo reproduces metabolic dysfunctions in the offspring and grand-offspring of injected males, and affects the sperm transcriptome in fathers and sons. In germ-like cells in vitro, both serum and PPAR agonist induce PPAR activation. Together, these results highlight the role of circulating factors as potential communication vectors between the periphery and the germline. SOURCE: Deepak Tanwar ( - ETH Zürich

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