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GSE81089: Next Generation Sequencing (RNAseq) of non-small cell lung cancer

Bulk RNA sequencing

Cancer testis antigens (CTAs) are of clinical interest as biomarkers and present valuable targets for immunotherapy. To comprehensively characterize the CTA landscape of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), we compared RNAseq data of 199 NSCLC tissues to the normal transcriptome of 142 samples from 32 different normal organs. Of 232 CTAs currently annotated in the CTdatabase, 96 were confirmed in NSCLC. To obtain an unbiased CTA profile of NSCLC, we applied stringent criteria on our RNAseq data set and defined 90 genes as CTAs, of which 55 genes were not annotated in the CTdatabase. Cluster analysis revealed that CTA expression is histology-dependent and concurrent expression is common. Immunohistochemistry confirmed tissue specific protein expression of selected genes. Furthermore, methylation was identified as a regulatory mechanism of CTA expression based on independent data from the Cancer Genome Atlas. The proposed prognostic impact of CTAs in lung cancer, was not confirmed, neither in our RNAseq-cohort nor in an independent meta-analysis of 1117 NSCLC cases. SOURCE: Björn,M,Hallström ( - Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm

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