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GSE121827: RNA_seq analysis on Tfh and Treg before and after abatacept treatment

Bulk RNA sequencing

Analysis of transcriptome data identified 96, 64 and 3 genes that were differentially expressed (DE, adj. P value < 0.05) following abatacept treatment in Tfh, Treg and CD4+CD45RO+PD1+CXCR5- T cells, respectively. We determined if abatacept treatment altered the core transcriptional profiles of Tfh and Treg lineages by comparing gene expression of bulk sorted Treg and Tfh cells from cryopreserved PBMCs at baseline, week 24, and after abatacept withdrawal. Analysis of differentially expressed (DE) genes in Tfh was performed using Gene Ontology (GO) term enrichment analysis. This analysis revealed 9 significantly enriched GO categories, which were related to processes involved in cell division and proliferation. DE genes in the enriched GO categories showed a highly significant correlation in Tfh and Treg cells, further highlighting the similarity in the response of these two populations to abatacept. In contrast to Tfh and Treg, acatacept had a minimal impact on CD4+CD45RO+PD1+CXCR5- T cells. SOURCE: Tielin Qin ( - Immune Tolerance Network

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