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GSE110912: Effect of TGFb1 treatment and WISP1 overexpression on 4T1 breast cancer cells

Bulk RNA sequencing

This study set out to identify TGFb1 transcriptional targets in breast cancer cells. 4T1 breast cancer cells were treated with TGFb1 for 24h and transcripts that were significantly regulated were identified. Wisp1 was identified as one of the genes most highly upregulated by TGFb1. To identify the transcriptional targets of Wisp1, 4T1 cells were then virally transduced to increase Wisp1 expression. The gene expression profiles of Wisp1-overexpressing 4T1 cells were determined and revealed that Wisp1 overexpression does not result in major gene expression changes in 4T1 cells. SOURCE: David Finkelstein ( - St Jude Children's Research Hospital

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