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GSE116239: Bulk RNA-seq of foamy and non-foamy intimal macrophages from ApoE -/- mouse

Bulk RNA sequencing

Macrophages in atherosclerotic aorta are major population in lesion and contributes to lesion formation by becoming foam cells. To investigate in vivo transcriptome profiles of those macrophages, we extracted foamy and non-foamy macrophages from atherosclerotic aorta using lipid probe-based flow cytometry sorting. Our data indicates that intima non-foamy and foamy macrophages show different mRNA expressions. Rather than non-foamy macrophages, foamy macrophages expressed more genes related to cholesterol metabolism, oxidative phosphorylation, lysosome and so on. The non-foamy macrophages expressed more genes related to immune response (Il-1b related pathways, TNF, TLR signaling pathways) than foamy macrophages. SOURCE: Maxim Artyomov ( - Artyomov lab WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY IN ST LOUIS

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